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Your Future Is Bright With Spark

Spark is the future of Restaurant Management Software. Encompassing EPOS, Reservations, Loyalty & Customer Relationship and Online Marketing Tools all in one package. Experience ultra-modern, intuitive software design and sleek hardware, including customer-facing screens, designed to bring interactivity to the forefront of the customer’s experience.


At heart we’re a software and technology development company with a background in hospitality. We’re passionate about problem-solving and applying those skills to our favourite industry.


Release a fairly-priced suite of hardware and a software package of EPOS, Reservations, CRM & Marketing Tools which is continually developed and updated with new functionality, never letting a customer fail into obsolescence.


Our vision is to create a streamlined and efficient eco-system encompassing intuitive and smart systems, linked with an engaging consumer app – driving customer retention and seamless customer service both in and out of the venue. We believe technology is the key to saving unnecessary labour, expenditure and wastage.

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